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Zyklop Inkasso
Deutschland GmbH

Online Business Information

In hindsight one always knows better: unfortunately, that also applies to doing business with certain customers. Approximately 101,500 civil law bankruptcies and more than 29,500 insolvent companies in Germany in 2012 speak for itself.

Protection against payment default

With us, as your partner, you have simultaneous access to national and international information databases minimizing your economical risks.

Our Partners

  • Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen
  • D & B bisnode
  • Wisur Wirtschaftsauskunftei
  • CRIF GmbH
  • Hoppenstedt

Up-to-date business information at any time

Instant credit worthiness checks of unknown customers or extensive business information about new customers. For each case Zyklop offers you up-to-date information!

Zyklop BusinessCheck

The complete business information includes quickly available and detailed information about the structure and payment habits of your business partner.
» Information regarding complete company backgrounds

Zyklop CreditCheck

Summarized business information. Important information regarding the solvency of the company involved.
» Information regarding summarized company backgrounds

Zyklop ConsumerCheck

Information about private persons includes checks of private persons on negative aspects using all available information databases.
» Information regarding private persons

Zyklop TripleCheck

Bürgel, Infoscore und Deltavista. Überprüfen Sie die angefragte Person gleichzeitig auf den drei Datenbanken von Bürgel, Infoscore und CRIF GmbH.
» Mehr zum TripleCheck

Zyklop Monitoring

Die permanente Beobachtung. Schützen Sie sich und Ihr Unternehmen vor Zahlungsausfall durch Monitoring Ihrer gewerblichen Kunden.
» Mehr zum Monitoring

International business information

Access to the largest international information database containing details of all companies registered worldwide.
» Information regarding foreign companies