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Zyklop Inkasso
Deutschland GmbH


The complete company information

The Zyklop BusinessCheck provides you with complete and detailed business information about your present or future business partners.

You receive an overview of the company’s structures, parent companies and subsidiaries. Information about the present financial situation, balance sheets – if available – and any known banking connections are also provided.

Collected payment patterns (Business information provided by D&B) show you the periods within which your business partner pays his bills. Management structures tell you who is entitled to place orders. You are informed both of any negative aspects and the company’s risk assessment. You are also informed of recommended credit limits which can assist you in determining delivery i.e. credit limits.

Detailed and up-to-date information

The Zyklop BusinessCheck has access to datas of two of the three largest business databanks which guarantees a huge variety of up-to-date information.

The Zyklop BusinessCheck is particularly recommended when entering into a long-lasting business relationship or in the case of extremely big orders.

Example of a BusinessCheck