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Monitoring of commercial customers

During difficult economic times – as experienced at present – the following basic principle applies more than ever: it is the long-term business contact which results in big losses and has grave consequences, something which is usually not the case with new business contacts.

The creditworthiness and solvability of your business partners change constantly. Sometimes they improve, sometimes they get worse. Act professionally and protect yourself and your business by monitoring your commercial customers.

Two explanatory examples

  • The payment history of a long-term business partner is gradually getting worse. You still want to maintain your business contact but do not want to lose your money. What´s next? Monitoring offers assistance by reminding you of the time where the customer would still be in a position to pay.
  • Another example would be the caswe where you and your business partner would like to increase your turnover, however, you do not know whether that customer has meanwhile achieved a level of creditworthiness justifying an increase in business envisaged by you. After all, everything has to be paid in the end.

In both cases monitoring tells you when to act. Not the one-off information is decisive but permanent monitoring. We inform you automatically of any changes.

The best thing being: within the scope of our annual contribution monitoring of your most important customers is free!