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Zyklop Inkasso
Deutschland GmbH

The File Information System

Using Zyklop’s internet pages you can peruse your current debt collecting files any time you wish.

Only three clicks are required to view your files:

  1. Register using client login
    First click on client login and register using your username.
  2. Open file folder
    by using the link "File info" you can now navigate to all your debt collecting files.
  3. Claim status and detailed summary
    You can now view both the claim status of the individual claim accounts and also a detailed summary of the measures we have taken.
    Moreover, you have the opportunity to inform us of any additional file details by email.

Example: Summary of your debt collecting files

Date Description File
18.07.2013 Zyklop ./. Example - please klick 23393/13
12.07.2013 Zyklop ./. Debtor 19450/13
05.07.2013 Zyklop ./. Debtor 19019/13
11.06.2013 Zyklop ./. Debtor 13902/13
28.05.2013 Zyklop ./. Debtor 12724/13
13.03.2013 Zyklop ./. Debtor 45761/13