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Zyklop Inkasso
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Client Profile

Not every client is the same!

Nowadays small services make the difference. Services that focus first of all on: you! That is exactly the reason why Zyklop also calls it "individual debt collecting".

"Individual debt collecting" is a client-related information service.

Zyklop clients can now use it to indicate their exact requirements as regards the scope and frequency with which they want to be informed of the status of initiated debt collecting procedures.

For instance: How often do you want to be informed of changes? To what extent? Do you want information by email, by fax, by ordinary mail? You name it, everything is possible!

"Individual debt collecting" provides transparency.

Transparency because it provides its users with transparency in respect of any measures taken by Zyklop with regard to debt collecting procedures. A total of more than 200 steps allow clients to design their own individual information agenda.

"Individual debt collecting" saves time and money.

The system informs users about any changes in status in real time. Clients are informed as soon as the relevant case has been recorded by Zyklop, which can speed up debt collecting procedures considerably. After all, decisions with regard to acceptance of the debtor’s settlement proposals, the registration of equitable mortgages or enforcement of third-party debtors, can be passed on by our clients within seconds and implemented by Zyklop using the same system.

The best part however: Zyklop clients can use "individual debt collecting" absolutely free! Once you’re in, you’re in!