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Zyklop Inkasso
Deutschland GmbH

Effective low-cost debt collecting in the Netherlands

Cooperation with Schuman Incasso & Gerechtsdeurwaarders!

Why cooperate with Schuman? Zyklop Inkasso has entered into a cooperation agreement with Schuman. Schuman Incasso & Gerechtsdeurwaarders is a company which is as keen and passionate about debt collecting as we are. Successful debt collecting in the Netherlands requires thorough knowledge of local legislation and customs. Essential for effective debt collecting is a local approach.

Your debtor is approached in his own language and summoned to pay or sued, if necessary, in accordance with locally applicable legislation and rules of law. Fact is that a renowned Dutch debt collecting company is far more effective than a German debt collecting company when it concerns Dutch claims. The same applies the other way round for Dutch principals having German claims.

Debt collection specialist in the Netherlands

Schuman Incasso & Gerechtsdeurwaarders gehört seit über 30 Jahren zu den großen niederländischen Inkassounternehmen.

For the last 35 years Schuman Incasso & Gerechtsdeurwaarders have been one of the largest bailiff agencies in the Netherlands. With a debt collection ratio of more than 80 per cent Schuman can quite rightly call itself the debt collection specialist for small and medium-sized enterprises. We want to achieve good results as soon as possible. We try to solve problems and not to force legal action.

Debt collecting procedures from A to Z

Schuman covers your debt collecting procedures from A to Z, because being bailiffs we have the legal means to continue where others have to stop. Schuman is a specialist in the Business to Business market and provides national cover.

No cure, no fee

Schuman works on a "no cure, no fee" basis, which implies a commission of 15% of the principal amount plus interest with a minimum compensation of € 35,-- per file. During the legal stages and upon request Schuman indicates in advance which additional costs you may have to take into consideration.

Your advantages in respect of this cooperation

  • Optimum use of local knowledge and customs of our own office network
  • Fast and short lines of communication
  • A permanent contact person in the Netherlands
  • Low commission tariffs

Learn more about Schuman Incasso & Gerechtsdeurwaarders under or simply ring us under 0049 - 2151 52 99 52.