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Zyklop Inkasso
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Online Debt Collecting Order

Analogous with the reminder procedure explained in the reminder order you enter your claim details immediately as a debt collecting order. For that purpose, when drawing up a new order, you simply select the debt collecting order item from the order list.

1. Written payment request

Zyklop Inkasso takes over collection of your outstanding claims. Initially the debtor will be requested in writing to comply with his payment obligation.

2. Personal contact

If he fails to comply within the laid down period of time we will then get in touch personally. Within the scope of a diplomatic discussion one may identify certain problems and find a suitable solution for both parties.

3. Judicial reminder procedure

If all efforts prove to be unsuccessful, legal advisers or lawyers will initiate the judicial reminder procedure including any required enforcement measures.

4. Qualified legal assistance

Zyklop Inkasso also provides qualified legal assistance if, following a possible counterclaim or appeal by the debtor, the reminder procedure is being contested in court.

Do you have any questions regarding the online debt collecting order?

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