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Zyklop Inkasso
Deutschland GmbH


An unexpected rendez-vous

You cannot go and buy things with a title. Sometimes, if a debtor cannot or does not want to pay, elaborate and expensive measures may be required: investigations, bailiffs, attachment and transfer orders.

Many people are reluctant to invest in such written-off claims and that is exactly why there are still millions of Euros untouched in the filing cabinets of German companies and maybe also in your filing cabinets.

Zyklop´s title monitoring turns dead capital into new liquidity:

  • Immediately after you have handed in your title we register it with our contract partner SCHUFA (German Office for credit worthiness registration).
  • Our trained specialists try and locate, amongst other tings, location or residences of vanished debtors, banking connections, employers or hidden assets in order to get you your money.
  • By regularly bringing forward any details regarding the debtor’s personal and economical circumstances we may, if necessary, be able to initiate immediate measures for the creditor’s benefit.
  • The permanent monitoring is supported by the latest technology, investigation services and detectives; any information received is evaluated immediately.

Debt collecting at our own expense

Within the scope of the monitoring procedure we carry out the debt collecting at our own expense. This implies that up until a payment is received Zyklop Inkasso covers all expenses involved. Of course this also applies when the matter has a negative outcome.

If we are successful you will receive 60 per cent of the payments made by the debtor, after any cash expenses have been covered.

Zyklop Title Monitoring