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Zyklop Inkasso
Deutschland GmbH

Debt Collecting Service

Using the debtor service area we offer you the opportunity to discuss with us further details regarding the settlement of your claim.

There are some forms available which you can use to inform us of how you wish to settle our claim against you.

Moreover, by using queries you can contact us at any time by telephone, fax email or ordinary mail. Please look at the following hints for completion of debtor forms!

1. Completing and printing out forms

Please complete all fields carefully. We require these details for an exact allocation of your claim. Print the relevant page and attach it to your other forms.

2. Sign and forward all print-outs

Then please forward all your signed print-outs by post or fax to the following address:

Zyklop Inkasso Deutschland GmbH
Königsberger Str. 10
D-47809 Krefeld

Fax: 0049 2151 - 52 99 98