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Zyklop Inkasso
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s regarding Zyklop Inkasso Client login as well as our debt collecting and business information services.

New login:

Why do I still have to sign and fax you the user contract when I am already a Zyklop client?
In point 5 of the user contract you confirm that in accordance with the German Data Protection Act you will prevent unauthorised access to your Zyklop internet pages.

Is use of the website free of charge?
Yes. Even if you already have a contract with Zyklop Inkasso we still require the General Terms & Conditions for data protection reasons. You will not incur additional costs as a result of it.

How do I print my user contract?
By clicking on the coloured "print" button of the user contract.

I have forgotten to print out the user contract, what happens next?
Go to the link "New login". The first window again opens the internet user contract. Print it out again and leave our website without registering again.

When will I be online?
Immediately after you have faxed us the signed user contract.


I have repeatedly logged in using the wrong password and can longer log in. What do I have to do now?
Phone our hotline and we will ensure that you are brought back online again.

Business information:

What is the origin of the information contained in the databanks?
There are two different sources of information. On the one hand, request-independent information sources which log on to our partner databanks automatically, including:

  • German Government Gazette
  • Trade Register (public.)
  • Guilds Register
  • Associations Register
  • Debtor listing
  • Publications with regard to bankruptcy, settlement and insolvency procedures
  • Debt collecting reports from various partner companies
  • Payment histories provided by Poolpartner etc.

On the other hand, request-dependent information sources which are supplemented by business information originated by our partners, e.g.:

  • Supplier queries
  • Direct approaches
  • Reference books
  • Internet
  • Various registers
  • Branch listings etc.

All this information is stored in the databanks, evaluated and processed as business information.

Does a customer get told that I have requested business information about him?

If, in the case of a BusinessCheck, I select "all checks" do I then have to pay for several pieces of information immediately?
No. In such cases our system merely checks which of our partners have stored related information and if the name tallies it comes up with several suggestions. Units will only be taken out of your unit account once you select and order one of the selected options.

Is business information accepted by credit insurance companies?
All credit insurance companies accept the BusinessCheck.

Reminder procedures:

How do I record a reminder entry?
Following login you click on online services. Using the link file records you can then choose between a reminder order and debt collecting order.

Do my customers incur costs as a result of the reminder procedure?

What does external ID mean?
Using external ID you can enter your customer number for that customer. When using the overall table this should make identification of the related reminder easier at a later stage.

How do I change the reminder level of a reminder procedure already recorded?
When clicking on new file record you will see an overall table including the reminders already initiated. By clicking on the button on the left of the related reminder you open up again the corresponding reminder. On the first page you can change the reminder level and forward it immediately without having to open up additional pages.

Debt collecting procedures:

Do I still have to do a new login to record debt collecting orders in the internet, even when I am not using business information?
Yes. A one-off new login is required because your access to our pages and your security has to be protected for data-protection reasons due to the fact that using our file information system you will in future be able to view your file records.

How do I record a debt collecting order?
After logging in you click on online services. Using the link file records you can then choose between a reminder order and debt collecting order.

Does recording a debt collecting order file in the internet also cost half a unit?
No. Of course our debt collecting clients do not pay for recording a file.

Can I also obtain online information regarding the status of a debt collecting file?
The "file information system" provides you with an overview of all your debt collecting files as well as their present progress.