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Zyklop Inkasso
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Reminder - Online Reminder Order

Depending on the case: Reminder service (prior to debt collecting)

Not all debtors are the same. Nor is an instant debt collecting order an adequate means since it involves additional charges for your customer – which might have an adverse influence on business relationships you may wish to continue.

By individuality we mean: you decide whether you just wish to remind your customer or whether you want to initiate immediate debt collecting procedures.

This is how the reminder service works

From now on, our dunning service is available for you in a new design and new functionality.

A. Technical data

  1. Reminders are limited to max. 150,-- Euro per invoice or residual amount.
  2. Instead of one invoice only, now up to three invoices can be placed in a reminder.
  3. The maximum sum of the dunning costs is 25,-- Euro.
  4. Cost of reminder: 2 units.

B. Background

We have adapted our reminder service to all current legal requiremets. In a different way than in the past the reminder letter will not be sent with your letterhead. In the future, it will be sent to your customer as an official letter from our company. Thus, we expect even better realization rates than before.

C. Your Benefits

  1. As an official letter of Zyklop Inkasso the reminder will give your last approach to your customer a greater seriousness without your customer paying collection fees.
  2. For this reason, we also expect a higher positive response rate.

D. Service

  1. For a sample please click here
  2. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.